Wild child happened like most good things do. Over a conversation!

The Mutual love for fine art supplies brought an artist and a textile designer together and Wildchild was born! They ventured out to create artful stationery, carefully crafted products and art supplies that inspire art in our daily lives.

Wildchild is fresh, free and curious towards life. Its about risking the status quo, finding new experiences and serendipity. We are wanderers, artists and writers on a journey to get lost and find ourselves. We create for people who carry their identity in the things they own. We create for the sensitive and for the aware and we create with love.


At Wildchild we are creating a new way of living, and looking at the world. We are rooted to the desire to create a new language which is aspirational and original, which inspires you to stop and smell the flowers and just be!

Our products are tailor made for the thinker in you. Every wildchild piece is a part of soul of the creator. With every stitch one has put days of effort and love in the making. Its a celebration of art, craft and design all put together. An expression of strong individuality and uniqueness.